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In addition to basic jet engine assembly stands designed to accommodate General Electric, Pratt and Whitney or Rolls Royce engines, Westmont offers an optional patented transfer crane that greatly facilitates the manufacturing or rebuilding process. The transfer crane consists of an underhung bridge crane, a twin rail lifting bridge, interlocks and auxiliary hoists. The transfer crane is utilized to move and position the engine from one work station to the next.
Coke Drum Deheading/Unheading Cart
  • Cylinders - Hydraulic.
  • Screwjack - Hydraulic Driven or Air Driven.
  • Drive Motors - Hydraulic or Air.
  • Chute Cover Lift System.
  • Hydraulic Power Unit and Pneumatic Controls.
Westmont specialized in the manufacture of custom designed equipment and related apparatus, which includes turntables, mechanical stage lifts, movable platforms, rigging systems, cranes, monorails and other types of custom equipment. Westmont's equipment is widely used in performing arts, convention centers, schools, amusement parks, commercial buildings and industry. Westmont's turntables can be used for revolving stages, trucks, cars, lecture halls, revolving restaurants, displays and multi-purpose buildings. A recent project for the Air Force included an 80 ft. diameter turntable, for the B-1 Bomber, with a live load capacity of 250,000 pounds. The controls for our turntables are designed for each particular application and can be installed for constant or variable speed.
Amusement is Serious Business
Since 1951, Westmont Industries has developed an established reputation for designing, manufacturing and installing Amusement Park equipment, Westmont's expertise and resources will ensure that your project is always the main attraction, from start to finish. For over thirty years, at Walt Disney Imagineering; Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, Lotte Sky Plaza in Seoul, Korea, Sea World in Orlando and San Diego Zoo. Westmont provided people moving systems and ride installation services..