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Westmont Industries has an established reputation spanning more than five decades in the field of mechanical equpment design, fabrication and installation. The company's extensive mechanical engineering background in the design and fabrication of turntables, lifts, cranes, monorails, conveyors and other types of custom mechanical equipment is nationally well known. Westmont's modern 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant and design offices located in Santa Fe Springs (Los Angeles) are ideally suited to serve the needs of Industry, Commerce and the Arts.
Westmont Industries Crane Systems vary widely according to your specific needs: from underhung and top riding bridge cranes to gantry cranes and monorails. Our systems are presently operating in various industries including aerospace, automotive assembly plants, power plants and Navy maintenance facilities.
Westmont's capabilities in this highly specialized area include the manufacture of vacuum sludge collection and sludge scraping type traveling bridges. These bridges can be equipped with skimmer devices for collecting scum from the water surface. We also provided sludge conveyor systems with load out hoppers.
Vertically and horizontally moving work platforms to install post tensioning cables on nuclear reactors. Paint Stackers that are used in aircraft hangars for cleaning and painting of airplanes, as well as access platforms for space shuttle maintenance.