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Westmont Marine Crane Systems are specifically engineered to meet complicated transfer applications and performance specifications. Our portal cranes range anywhere from 25 to 100 tons.
A Barge Unloading System was provided for Jersey Miniere Zinc Co., near Clarksville, Tennessee, on the Cumberland River. The Barge Unloading System is rated at 350 TPH and consists of a 3 1/2 cu. yd. bucket trolley hoist, a fixed self-supporting structure, box girders, conductor messenger system, control house, operator’s control cab, 75-ton surge hopper, 350 TPH belt feeder and a 30,000 CFM dust collection system.
Four (4) Banana Unloading Gantries were provided for Standard Fruit and Steamship Company, Port of Long Beach, California, designed to provide an unloading rate of 4,000 boxes per hour. Each traveling gantry includes a rail mounted tower, a main boom, an auxiliary boom, and a marine leg. With the ship alongside the dock, the gantries are moved to a centralized position over the hatches, and the main and auxiliary booms are lowered with the marine leg hanging vertically into each hatch of the ship. An additional four (4) Banana Unloading Gantries have also been provided for the Department of Ports and Terminals, City of New York, utilizing a tray system. Each of the four units is rated at 6,000 boxes per hour. Due to the minimal space available on the wharf, single-legged traveling gantries were used for this application.
Seven (7) Mobile Gantry Structures were provided for Dunbar Kapple, Inc., prime contractor with the governments of Algeria and Nigeria, at various ports on the north and west coasts of Africa. Designed to discharge grain pneumatically at the rate of 225 MTPH, the units have both slewing and luffing capabilities along with a telescoping downspout.
Among the many products designed and produced by Westmont is the newest cruise ship gangway at the Port of Los Angeles. This fully automated, computer controlled gangway continually compensates for movements of the ship during passenger loading and unloading.
The Traveling Gantry Shiploader at the Port of Long Beach, California, is rated at 5,600 TPH (coal@50 PCF). The Shiploader is structurally designed to meet the nation’s maximum earthquake requirements plus high wind loads. Designed with a trailer/tripper, shuttle boom, telescoping spout and reversible boom conveyor. Accessories include dust suppression system, jib crane, monorail, wash down system, lubrication system, and stainless steel downspout.