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When you need to move as many people as possible, by quick, safe andmost cost-effective means, contact Westmont Industries. Westmont provides design, fabrication and installation of quality people-moving systems. The Company has been operating from facilities in Santa Fe Springs (Los Angeles) California since 1954. The Westmont team stands ready to work with you to custom design a system that fits the scope and specific space requirements of your project.
Two basic configurations are available: SPEEDWALK™ horizontal moving walkways and SPEEDRAMP™ inclined moving walkways – or a combination of both in a single unit. These completely self-contained systems are designed to move people quickly and safely in a controlled manner between two points on the same level or between different elevations. Both can hold shopping carts securely in place unassisted. And every system is custom designed to meet your specific space requirements. So, when you're ready to move ahead, call us!
Westmont is the only company in the U.S. utilizing a belt-pulley system (instead of pallets). This allows us to create longer walkways that are more attractive, easier on the feet and easier on your budget-with fewer moving parts, they require less maintenance! The belt-pulley principle provides a smooth, unbroken treadway surface in virtually any environment, and the unique "floating comb" design permits both pedestrians and shopping carts to move easily on and off the belt surface.

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