Typical Specifications for Turntables Westmont Industries Logo
1.1 100 pounds per sq. ft. live load plus dead load of floor and installed casework.
1.2 Maximum stress in any structural steel element: 20,000 psi.
1.3 Deflection of structural elements under designed load not to exceed 1/360 unsupported span.
2.1 Platform base: Platform rests on structural steel rails which ride on wheels installed on the supporting concrete slab.
2.1.1 Vertical Wheels: designed to provide circular motion for platform with tapered roller bearings and polyurethane tread. Dynamic capacity suitable to the application.
2.1.2 Tracks: structural steel, rolled to the design radius. Horizontal face flat and level radially and circumferentially. Joints to be welded on site.
2.1.3 Center Pedestal Bearing: tapered roller bearing supported on structural steel frame to center the turntable, to hold radial misalignment to a minimum.
2.2 Platform Structural: as designed to meet general engineering criteria. Connections between floor support structure and track and between elements of the floor support structure shall be bolted. Include access hatch as necessary to service machinery.
2.2.1 Floor Support Structure: Radially arranged structural steel beams bolted to the tracks. Corrugated metal pan welded to beams to serve as form for concrete. Includes steel elements to securely anchor concrete slab to steel structure.
2.2.2 Edge Trim: Rolled structural steel angle outer ends of radial beams to serve as concrete form edge and platform edge trim.
2.2.3 Concrete: As specified for floor slab, depth as shown on drawings with welded wire mesh reinforcing.
2.3 Tolerance: Gap between revolving and fixed floor shall be 1/4 inch +/- 1/8 inch
2.4 Drive System: Friction wheel drives located as required to operate turntable. CW and CCW with preset stops.
2.5 Control Panel: Located as shown on drawings, supplied by manufacturer and connected and installed as specified.
2.6 Operating Requirements: The turntable shall rotate to limits as shown on drawings and reverse to the original positions. Stopping points must be precise to +/- 1 inch with positive braking and locking. Provide soft starting and stopping.
3.1 Shipping: Preassemble turntable at the factory, ship and install by manufacturer's experienced crew.
3.2 Testing: Test and adjust operation during and after pouring of platform slabs and installation of carpet and casework. Continue adjustments until system is operating reliably and smoothly. Instruct Owner's personnel as specified in OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL.

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