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Westmont Industries has an established reputation spanning more than five decades in the field of mechanical equipment design, fabrication and installation. The company's extensive mechanical engineering background in the design and fabrication of mechanical turntables, lifts, cranes, monorails, conveyors and other types of custom mechanical equipment is well known.
Westmont's modern 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant and design offices located in Santa Fe Springs (Los Angeles) are ideally suited to serve the needs of Industry, Commerce and the Arts.
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67 ft. diameter turntable frame

Performing Arts Convention Centers Schools
Amusement Parks Commerical Buildings Industry
Revolving Stages Revolving Trucks & Cars Revolving Lecture Halls
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30 ft. diameter turntable frame

Westmont's engineering and fabrication work is further enhanced with the company's capability and experience in performing the total responsibility of a mechanical equipment project on a turnkey basis. All equipment manufactured by Westmont is shop assembled to the fullest extent practical, inspected and tested, then disassembled for shipment in a manner which will assure economical and efficient installation at the project site. Westmont's installation crews, together with their field supervisory staff, are well trained and experienced, providing the client with complete confidence in the product during the life of the system.
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Minneapolis Convention Center

Westmont will assist the architect in the early stages of a project by establishing design criteria, cost appropriations, draft specifications and furnishing of typical plans. Westmont's engineering staff will contribute practical advice based upon their extensive background with turntable installations throughout the country. During the course of a project, Westmont will also provide complete technical information regarding loading conditions, electrical and control requirements, data for structural analysis and other associated items.
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Detail of Turntable Gear

Westmont Industries is also a manufacturer of Material Handling Equipment, Crane Systems, Monorail Systems, Jib Cranes, Stackers, Conveyor Systems, Moving Walkways/Passenger Conveyors (Speedramp® or Speedwalk®), Port Equipment, Passenger Gangways, Stage Equipment, Stage Lifts, Turntables and other types of Custom Mechanical Equipment.

Contact us for complete specifications covering supply and installation of Turntables, Stage Lifts.

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